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Industrial Steel Ladders

Check out our industrial ladders. Made of heavy wall, rigid box-section aluminum, the rungs feature twist-proof twist-proof twists which reduce fatigue and increase speed. These extendable ladders are available in triple and double sections and have a maximum load capacity of 175 kg. They can be climbed from a height of 4.25m to a height of 10m. Sections are separate so they can be used as individual ladders. Both ladders are secured by rung locks when used together. Our commercial extension ladders come with non-slip rubber safety feet. They are just a little less robust but have a max load of 159kg. A great deal of interest is shown in our double and triple aluminum ladders in the commercial and industrial sectors. The treads and feet of these heavy-duty treads are equipped with slip-resistant compounds for stability and security, so you can work safely and worry-free. Our extension ladders are ideal for DIY projects and trade purposes because they offer strong, secure grips and are strong and durable.

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