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Probat Step Ladder Aluminium Platform

Probat Step Ladder Aluminium Platform offers absolute strength and is extensive because of its unique characteristics. It is over-tested to 360kg. Comprise of front and rear stiles designed employing a large 50mm aluminium scaffold tube. The 100mm deep treads are conserved using Duraclimb spun rung technology.

1. Maximum Static Vertical Load 150kg
2. Convex oversized feet
3. Powerful 390 x 380mm double folding platform
4. 100mm deep steps
5. Has tough spun rung Duraclimb technology
6. Designed from 50mm Aluminium scaffold tube
Treads x 4 Working Height x 2.5m Platform Height x 0.9m Closed Height x 1.9m Width x 690mm Open Depth 980mm Weight x 10.8kg
Treads x 5 Working Height x 2.8m Platform Height x 1.2m Closed Height x 2.2m Width x 720mm Open Depth 1140mm Weight x 12.4kg
Treads x 6 Working Height x 3.0m Platform Height x 1.4m Closed Height x 2.4m Width x 750mm Open Depth 1300mm Weight x 14.5kg
Treads x 7 Working Height x 3.3m Platform Height x 1.7m Closed Height x 2.7m Width x 780mm Open Depth 1460mm Weight x 15.5kg
Treads x 8 Working Height x 3.5m Platform Height x 1.9m Closed Height x 2.9m Width x 810mm Open Depth 1620mm Weight x 17.0kg
Treads x 9 Working Height x 3.7m Platform Height x 2.1m Closed Height x 3.2m Width x 840mm Open Depth 1780mm Weight x 19.6kg
Treads x 10 Working Height x 4.0m Platform Height x 2.4m Closed Height x 3.4m Width x 870mm Open Depth 1940mm Weight x 21.5kg
Treads x 12 Working Height x 4.4m Platform Height x 2.8m Closed Height x 3.9m Width x 930mm Open Depth 2260mm Weight x 27.5kg

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