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Aluminium Garden Ladder with 1 X Adjustable Leg


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Aluminium Garden Ladder with 1 X Adjustable Leg

Aluminium Garden Ladder with 1 X Adjustable Leg is formulated for orchard use and garden terrain care. The sturdy 3 point posture on the unequal ground gives a comfortable work stance. Can be placed on or inside forests and small trees for unusual reach. Made from lightweight aluminium and is durable.

1. Max working load 100kg
2. 30x65mm ribbed stiles help maintain grip
3. Bend proof, creased, and fastened ribbed rungs
4. Sturdy 3 point tripod stance on uneven ground
SKU x 1274-420 Tread Count x 4 Working Height x 3000 Last Climbing Height x 1400 Ladder Height x 2000 Ladder Width x 780 Weight x 3.80kg
SKU x 1274-422 Tread Count x 6 Working Height x 3500 Last Climbing Height x 1900 Ladder Height x 2500 Ladder Width x 980 Weight x 5.70kg
SKU x 1274-424 Tread Count x 8 Working Height x 4000 Last Climbing Height x 2400 Ladder Height x 3000 Ladder Width x 1180 Weight x 8.00kg
SKU x 1274-426 Tread Count x 10 Working Heightx 4500 Last Climbing Height x 2900 Ladder Height x 3500 Ladder Width x 1380 Weight x 10.00kg

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