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Heavy Duty Industrial Aluminium Stock Picking Steps Ladder




Heavy Duty Industrial Aluminium Stock Picking Steps Ladder

Heavy Duty Industrial Aluminium Stock Picking Steps Ladder is excellent for daily chores. Has maximum load capacity of load of 175kg. Has top loop handrail for extra safety.

1. Side handrails and back-mounted wheels
2. Certified to BS2037 Class 1
3. Issued in double-sided options
4. 175KG maximum workload capacity
5. 130KG Duty rating
6. Warranty 1 Year
7. Made from aluminium
Available Sizes
1. No Of Treads 2 – Closed Height 1.60m x Platform Height 0.49m x width 0.41m x Weight 4.1kg
2. No Of Treads 3 – Closed Height 1.87m x Platform Height 0.74m x width 0.43m x Weight 5.2kg
3. No Of Treads 4 – Closed Height 2.14m x Platform Height 0.98m x width 0.46m x Weight 6.4kg
4. No Of Treads 5 – Closed Height 2.40m x Platform Height 1.23m x width 0.48m x Weight 7.5kg
5. No Of Treads 6 – Closed Height 2.70m x Platform Height 1.47m x width 0.51m x Weight 8.7kg
6. No Of Treads 7 – Closed Height 2.94m x Platform Height 1.72m x width 0.53m x Weight 10.3kg
7. No Of Treads 8 – Closed Height 3.20m x Platform Height 1.96m x width 0.56m x Weight 11.9kg
8. No Of Treads 9 – Closed Height 3.47m x Platform Height 2.20m x width 0.58m x Weight 12.8kg
9. No Of Treads 10 – Closed Height 3.74m x Platform Height 2.45m x width 0.61m x Weight 13.7kg
10. No Of Treads 11 – Closed Height 4.00m x Platform Height 2.70m x width 0.63m x Weight 14.8kg
11. No Of Treads 12 – Closed Height 4.25m x Platform Height 2.94m x width 0.66m x Weight 16.0kg

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2 Treads – Closed Height 1.60m x Width 0.41m x Weight 4.1kg, 3 Treads – Closed Height 1.87m x Width 0.43m x Weight 5.2kg, 4 Treads – Closed Height 2.14m x Width 0.46m x Weight 6.4kg, 5 Treads – Closed Height 2.40m x Width 0.48m x Weight 7.5kg, 6 Treads – Closed Height 2.70m x Width 0.51m x Weight 8.7kg, 7 Treads – Closed Height 2.94m x Width 0.53m x Weight 10.3kg, 8 Treads – Closed Height 3.20m x Width 0.56m x Weight 11.9kg, 9 Treads – Closed Height 3.47m x Width 0.58m x Weight 12.8kg, 10 Treads – Closed Height 3.74m x Width 0.61m x Weight 13.7kg, 11 Treads – Closed Height 4.00m x Width 0.63m x Weight 14.8kg, 12 Treads – Closed Height 4.25m x Width 0.66m x Weight 16.0kg