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Heavy Duty Portable Industrial Aluminium Folding Extension Ladder   


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Heavy Duty Portable Industrial Aluminium Folding Extension Ladder    

Aluminum Telescopic Ladder

Extension ladder

Multi Purpose Loft Ladder

Anti-Skid Design. More Stable & Safe

This loft ladder is designed with extra wide 39mm rungs, which is anti-slip. The friction profiles on rungs can minimize the risk of slipping, which allows you to climb with ease and safety. If you need to fully extend the step ladder to use, please keep the minimum inclination angle of 75°.

Independent Locking, Flexible

In the process of unfolding the extension ladder, when the locking mechanism makes a “click” sound, it means that the ladder is extended normally, the safety lock is closed, and you can use it with confidence. UNLOCK THE STEPS from the bottom to the upper level until they are fully retracted.

Easy to Take and Store, Portable

This extendable ladder is very easy to storage and take. The folding height is only 80cm for this 3.2m telescopic ladder. After retracted secure, the extension ladder closed with the nylon strap for convenient storage and transport. No worry about opening up.

Multi Purpose Extension Loft Ladder

Adjustable Height & Safety Tips

1) The telescopic ladder can freely adjust height to meet your needs. Perfect for indoor or outdoor work.

2) Before use to confirm condition and operation of all parts. Inspect all parts prior to each use. For professional users regular periodic inspections are required.

3) Always set up the ladder on a level, stable and dry surface. Never try to increase the height of the ladder by placing anything under the rubber feet. Ensure both rubber feet are firmly supported before stepping on the ladder.

4) If the ladder is used for access to a higher level it must extend at least 1m above the landing point. Only use the ladder at full extension as a leading ladder at an angle of 75°.

5) Close Operation: You need retract it from down to top, rung by rung. Press the black button on the edge of rung, both sides retract at the same time.

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