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Industrial Work Platform Combi Modul Steps


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Industrial Work Platform Combi Modul Steps

Industrial work Platform combi Modul Steps are supplied with the aluminium platform along with a handrail. Has anti-slip treads for ensuring the safety of the user. Used for a variety of purposes like daily sustenance on machinery in factory environments. For extra treads, choose different modules.

1. Staircase design for use in factory settings
2. 200mm deep steps for climbing support
3. Wide steps
4. Has a double handrail option for extra safety
5. Max Load capacity is 150kg

Module Pack B Treads x 2 Working Height x 2.0m Platform Height x 400mm Open Depth x 550mm Weight x 4.8kg
Module Pack D Treads x 3 Working Height x 2.2m Platform Height x 600mm Open Depth x 800mm Weight x 4.4kg
Module Pack E Treads x 4 Working Height x 2.4m Platform Height x 800mm Open Depth x 1050mm Weight x 4.8kg
Module Pack F Treads x 5 Working Height x 2.6m Platform Height x 990mm Open Depth x 1300mm Weight x 5.5kg

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Handrail, Module D = 3 Tread, Module E = 4 Tread, Module B = 2 Tread, Module F = 5 Tread