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Platform Industrial Step Ladder




Platform Industrial Step Ladder

Platform Industrial Step Ladder is made of the best quality and is glazed with a powder coat. Has maximum capacity of workload is 175kg.

1. Made from Aluminum
2. 400mm wide x 600mm deep platform
3. Anti-bend closing mechanism
4. Top tool tray
5. Black & orange powder-coated blanketing
6. 130KG duty rating
7. Large 5 bar tread plate strengthened platform
8. 175KG maximum workload capacity
9. 1-year warranty
Available Sizes
1. No Of Treads 3 – Platform Height 0.74m x Closed Height 1.90m x Max Width 0.59m x Weight 12kg
2. No Of Treads 4 – Platform Height 0.98m x Closed Height 2.15m x Max Width 0.61m x Weight 12.5kg
3. No Of Treads 5 – Platform Height 1.22m x Closed Height 2.39m x Max Width 0.64m x Weight 13kg
4. No Of Treads 6 – Platform Height 1.46m x Closed Height 2.63m x Max Width 0.66m x Weight 14kg
5. No Of Treads 8 – Platform Height 1.94m x Closed Height 3.16m x Max Width 0.71m x Weight 16kg
6. No Of Treads 10 – Platform Height 2.43m x Closed Height 3.69m x Max Width 0.76m x Weight 18kg
7. No Of Treads 12 – Platform Height 2.92m x Closed Height 4.22m x Max Width 0.81m x Weight 20kg

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3 Treads – Closed Height 1.90m x Width 0.59m x Weight 12kg, 4 Treads – Closed Height 2.15m x Width 0.61m x Weight 12.5kg, 5 Treads – Closed Height 2.39m x Width 0.64m x Weight 13kg, 6 Treads – Closed Height 2.63m x Width 0.66m x Weight 14kg, 8 Treads – Closed Height 3.16m x Width 0.71m x Weight 16kg, 10Treads – Closed Height 3.69m x Width 0.76m x Weight 18kg, 12 Treads – Closed Height 4.22m x Width 0.81m x Weight 20kg