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Professional Extension Ladders

Professional Extension Ladders are perfect to use around the home or industry. This heavy-grade extension ladder is formulated according to European security standards EN131. Comprise a stabilizing bar that needs fitting before first use. Once fitted, the ladder cannot be utilized without the stabilizer bar. Lightweight and portable to carry. The ladder has larger box section stiles which make the ladder tough, durable, and twist resistive.

1. Conforms to European Security Standards EN-131
2. Twist proof rung joints
3. Stabilising bar
4. Slip-resistant high traction rungs
5. D-shaped rungs
6. Anti-slip rubber feet
7. 3-year Warranty
8. 150kg Work Load Capacity
9. Commercial strength box section formation

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Rungs 2×9 x Closed Length 2.5m x Ext Length 4.0m x Weight 10.5kg, Rungs 2×11 x Closed Length 3.0m x Ext Length 5.0m x Weight 12.3kg, Rungs 2×13 x Closed Length 3.5m x Ext Length 6.0m x Weight 14.3kg, Rungs 2×15 x Closed Length 4.0m x Ext Length 7.0m x Weight 18.8kg, Rungs 3×9 x Closed Length 2.53m x Ext Length 5.49m x Weight 17.5kg, Rungs 3×11 x Closed Length 3.03m x Ext Length 6.97m x Weight 21.0kg, Rungs 2×17 x Closed Length 4.5m x Ext Length 8.0m x Weight 22.6kg, Rungs 3×13 x Closed Length 3.54m x Ext Length 8.48m x Weight 26.8kg, Rungs 2×19 x Closed Length 5.0m x Ext Length 9.0m x Weight 24.9kg, Rungs 2×21 x Closed Length 5.5m x Ext Length 10.0m x Weight 30.0kg, Rungs 3×15 x Closed Length 4.04m x Ext Length 9.94m x Weight 34.0kg